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";s:4:"text";s:9712:"and his adaptations. Though Linklater doesn’t typically do much noir type films, he has made some of the best independent films of the last 25 years. A man inside a man. Substance D is the drug in the world of Scanner Darkly and our protagonist Bob Arctor is an undercover cop in this world. This suggests that Philip K. Dick’s works are not readily welcomed by mainstream viewers in their pure, undiluted form. The scramble suits would have been my main concern if I was a fan of this book in the 70’s and found out someone was going to try to put it to film. Dick books to pass the time. When Fred meets with the two medical deputies, the dialogue is combined with memories they remind him of and medical articles about the mind. The biggest one is taking one of the biggest, most talented casts around, shots the film with them over the course of 23 days, then spends 18 months animating it. Him and his friends are paranoid of everything and don’t know who to trust in their everyday lives. These aren’t in the film but aren’t vitally important and have no real bearing on the story. Add in one beverage type plug-in cooler with drinks and snacks kinda like the 'god' mode on first person shooter games where they don't run out and I'd be right on my way to one helluva retreat. Bald and fat and old .” This isn’t exactly the image ... A Scanner Darkly is the most accurate film adaptation of a Philip K. Dick story that I have seen so far. All that to say I found your site and please feel like doing me a solid and returning the favor and dropping over to my current place of ramble-on-e-nous and drop me a note. Substance D is the drug in the world of Scanner Darkly and our protagonist Bob Arctor is an undercover cop in this world. Dick may be one of the earliest writers to combine the science fiction genre with noir style. It is also his most personal and autobiographical book. Or excursion. An interesting device used in the novel is interspersing events with other unrelated facts, dialogue or moments from the past. You're right that Link was the most fervent supporter of a direct translation which is likely the reason it didn't find an audience. I haven’t seen the film or read the book – though I’ve heard of the film. Then when we are with Fred viewing the events back, we realise what they signified. There are a number of extra moments in the book, which the film obviously didn’t have enough time to add in. Book / Movie comparison: A Scanner Darkly (Philip ... Review: A Scanner Darkly (Philip K. Dick blogathon), SuspendYourDisbelief on Twitter Counter.com. Short Story / Movie comparison: The Minority Report / Minority Report (Philip K. Dick blogathon), Book / Movie comparison: A Scanner Darkly (Philip K. Dick blogathon), Short Story / Movie comparison: We Can Remember it for You Wholesale / Total Recall (Philip K. Dick blogathon), Review: The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. This book, written in 1977 won many awards in the science fiction literary world. I tried this in one part but the system said no way. Thanks for the post. His most famous work is probably “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” but you will recognize its big screen neo-noir adoption “Blade Runner.”  I hope to review both that movie and book on this blog at a later time. I watched this movie back when it came out, recently read the book and then re-watched the movie to compare the two. Unlike other directors who have transformed Dick’s works into movies, like Ridley Scott (Blade Runner) and Steven Spielberg … This is my second attempt at leaving you a note. This book may disguise itself in a fictional world, but it is very close to Dick’s personal life under the influence of drugs. My favorite Noir Director is Billy Wilder, though I like Neo Noir as well. And I was happy to not have either spoiled for me. I will say if I had to choose one, I would go with the movie. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Feel free to check out some of my older posts on Noir Classics. A Scanner Darkly is the most accurate film adaptation of a Philip K. Dick story that I have seen so far. However, in creating a more faithful adaptation, director Richard Linklater has distanced his film from mainstream audiences. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. That's my quarter and a nickle worth of opinion. A portion of him turns against him and acts like another person, defeating him from inside. Part 2But I digress. Clive Connelly (Michael P... Douglas Quail dreams of Mars. I can see why most thought this book would not be film-able. A Closer Look at Ann Sheridan and Lizabeth Scott: Detectives and Dames: A Flicker Alley Noir Blog-a-Thon! Review: The Bird with the Crystal Plumage. Or, two men tugging at one anothers gut strands which given I just watched the Nightmare on Elmstreet collectors edition for Halloween, reminds me oddly of one of the flicks where Freddy kinda tore himself apart from the inside out.Anyway, great reading - looking forward to checking the site out. The cast of this doesn’t get much better. His source material for one of my all time favorite films, Bladerunner is pretty untouchable as far as literary tombs go, different animals of course but nevertheless extraordinary. The first thought that the John Anderton of the short-story has is “ I’m getting bald. Linklater takes some risks, but I really liked the final product. Many of the scenes have seemingly been copied straight from the book. Many of the scenes have seemingly ... Mike Riggins is an American ex-special forces officer, locked up in a prison in The Balkans for smuggling weapons. If you love movies, you've come to the right place... Hey Emma,O.K. This book, written in 1977 won many awards in the science fiction literary world. Scanner Darkly may be less science fiction and more noir then his other works. A man inside a man which is no man at all. Robert Downey Jr. may be the biggest star in this film, but when it was made he was still doing little movies while he worked through his own drug issues. So I ramble. This gives the film a very cool look, almost in the way black and white transformed the real world in the classic era of film-noir the animation transforms the modern world of southern California. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. I’ve subscribed to your blog, thanks for subscribing to mine. Change ), Review: A Scanner Darkly: Movie versus Book, Article: Noir Is Protest Literature: That’s Why It’s Having a Renaissance. Our lead is played by Keanu Reeves, playing the undercover cop that maybe to undercover for his own good. During the road trip, Arctor pays a visit to Kimberley Hawkins, an individual he hasn’t seen in a while, to check up on her. I am probably one of only a handful who actually liked Minority Report (not making comparisons or relations to the novel, just STeve's adaptation) and as I mentioned, Bladerunner is a fav.Loved your quote choice, pg 147. I'm looking forward to sharing my love of film with you all. So here is part one.Hey Emma,Making the LAMb rounds, realizing there are now nearly 1K of said LAMb-das I decided to throw a few darts, collect some targets and start in no particular order which ended up being pretty close to the bottom and for lack of a better metaphhor, stumbled upon your doorstep. I really try to keep my reviews spoiler free, thanks looking and you won’t be disappointed in A Scanner Darkly. I've added you to the feed reader so I can catch your next pithy pith.cheers->Roryabove the line:practical movie reviews. Well, this is it - the first post of my new blog. The film sounds way cool – animating the actors! This is a very remarkable method used by the author. That being said and absolutely nothing being equal, I'm a big fan of P.K. This is an interesting take on the underground drug world of the 1970’s, and a neo-noir classic. “Any given man sees only a tiny portion of the total truth, and very often, in fact almost perpetually, he deliberately deceives himself about that little precious fragment as well. There are also moments in the book when the text is interspersed with lines of German that aren’t explained and seem completely random. You can take pictures of it, video even, maybe figure out a way to make one of those scratch and sniff patch thingies, but the end result is nothing is as good as the real dealio. Woody Harrelson plays a friend of Bob, that is also addicted to substance D.  Rory Cochrane, a Linklater favorite also plays a key role. I never even saw the meteor. ( Log Out /  I guess that is the way of the blog-o-what-have-you but some recipricate any varying ways like not saying hello at all to which I pishaw, wtf?Great points about P.K. Powered by. ( Log Out /  This shows the muddled up nature of his brain, affected by drug use and paranoia. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. I watched this movie back when it came out, recently read the book and then re-watched the movie to compare the two. Maybe both. Film reviews, features, articles, trailers, posters and general musings on the world of cinema. So should you read the book or watch the movie? This was an interesting take on the book vs film debate that doesn’t turn into nitpicking. When Fred views some of these moments back on one of the Holo-Scanners he uses for surveillance on his house, he hears Arctor reciting, partly in German. ( Log Out /  Copyright 2010-2012 Emma @ Suspend Your Disbelief. He is in love with Donna, played by Winona Ryder, unfortunately she may not feel the same way. 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